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I’m glad to send out our first newsletter, to tell you what we did in the last three months, and what we plan to focus on during this coming quarter.  
We are proud to be the best production services house in Israel for film and video, and we plan on getting better… We welcome any feedback on our work and on this newsletter.
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Noam Shalev
Founder / CEO
Opening the Tomb of Christ
In October a historic event took place, and we were on the scene to record everything! A team from National Geographic lead by archeologist in residence Fredrik Hiebert, worked with a team from the National Technical University of Athens lead by Chief Scientific Supervisor Professor Antonia Moropoulou, to uncover the tomb of Jesus Christ for the first time in centuries. 
Our team stood in the room as the Greek Patriarch of Jerusalem, the Roman Catholic Patriarch, and the Armenian Orthodox Patriarch, as well as prominent figures from other religious communities came together, and offered their blessing to allow this historic event to take place. The structural integrity of the tomb has been a concern for many years, and the restoration process is of vital importance, or the whole structure could crumble. Removing the cover of the burial bed is part of the restoration of the Edicule. Exposing the burial bed also allows researchers to study the original surface of one of the most sacred sites in Christianity. 
On the day of the uncovering Greek Orthodox, Franciscan and Armenian Priests as well as people of varying faiths stood outside the Edicule as conservators uncovered the tomb. On site was our Line Producer Noam Shalev, producer Hanna Abu Saada and the Highlight production team to witness and record every moment of the event. Under the slab of marble they found layers of fill material that researchers will examine. 
You can see the full story soon on National Geographic EXPLORER. http://channel.nationalgeographic.com/explorer/

Experiencing an event of this nature is incredible. We take pride in Nat Geo choosing us for the project and we are so happy to have been part of it.
The Shahs of Sunset
We were pleased to be part of the production for “The Shahs of Sunset” in November. “The Shahs of Sunset,” is a reality show about a wealthy Persian-Americans living in Los Angeles. They came to Israel to gain a deeper connection with their roots in both the Jewish, and Muslim traditions.

A reality show happens in real time, so the crew starts work from early morning before the cast wakes up until late at night after the cast has gone to bed. The filming days were packed with exciting excursions, and of course lots of drama. We followed their every experience here in Israel from walking through the Old City in Jerusalem, praying at the Western Wall, to clubbing till early morning in Tel Aviv and Jaffa. Their visit to the Dead Sea was especially exciting for us, because we had a certified drone operator on site to capture unique overhead video of them floating in the Dead Sea. Each day was beautiful, and we were glad to have been a part of it. This collaboration would not have been possible without our Line Producer Nitzan Almog who worked closely with the American producers to coordinate a smooth, and efficient production.
Christmas Concert in Bethlehem
For the second year in a row, we produced the special Christmas music show for ZDF Germany. We filmed it, and its accompanying documentary film, in the Church of Nativity in Bethlehem. With dozens of leading German artists coming to the Church to sing with local choirs and orchestras, this musical event was beautifully dressed to be captured in a top of the line camera and recording setup. It took us three days to set up lights, grip and cameras in the ancient building, and the results were spectacular.
What Else Have We Been Up To?
Many of the documentary projects we worked on are still in production, and others are too discrete to discuss… But we can tell that in Q4 2016 we managed to:
- Provide production services to the production of a documentary film for a UK broadcaster, dealing with sensitive religious and social issues in Judaism…
- We finally saw the outstanding results of our work on Captive, an original Netflix documentary series. We were proud to produce Episode 6 of the series in Israel and Palestine. 
- The filming crew of Erica Op Reis came to shoot an episode in Israel, and we were with them across the country.
- We continue to provide our ongoing news production services for TV stations and news websites. The topics covered the most by our news crews were the settlements, BDS movements and the trial of Sgt. Elor Azaria, the Israeli soldier who shot and killed a Palestinian terrorist in the city of Hebron.  
Our corporate production crews continued with our 4-year visual documentation of the building of the Assuta Public Hospital in Ashdod. We began filming when the first tractors arrived to the empty lot, and now we film the last stages of completing a beautiful, cutting edge hospital. 
The talented videographer Michael Shapochnik filmed a beautiful public-service video promoting Milbat, an Israeli NGO developing 
Custom made aids for handicapped individuals. 
As always in the end of the year, we filmed with several promising Israeli start-up companies to produce strong, efficient video presentations of their products and plans. 
For two years we worked on the epic film The All Inclusive Land. It is 20 minutes of some of the most marvelous views of Israel, filmed by our Director of Photography Amos Rafaeli. Our cameras were the ground and mounted on drones, helicopters and light airplanes, to film and edit in 4K resolution. The film is available in the Kokia House Visitor Center, Jerusalem.
Last, but definitely not least… 
We have established Highlight Global Security – a professional security company specializing in providing security services for the entertainment and film industries. H.G.S brings together some of the best security professionals in Israel, all experienced in high-end American and European productions and VIPs. Check out our promo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dzy2Xnckbjk
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