Documentary film production in Israel and Palestine

Highlight Films offers a wide range of production services. We have provided professional production services for more than 300 documentary films produced in Israel and Palestine. We work with the leading production companies and broadcasters in Europe, Asia and the United States, and we provide local assistance for many productions every year since 1998.

Range of production services

The experience of more than 20 years of filming documentary films in Israel prove that this area never ceases to attract documentary filmmakers. Whether they are interested in one specific location, such as Landscape or archaeology, documentary films in Jerusalem and documentary films in Tel Aviv; in the history of Christianity, Islam or Judaism; or follow a story related to the complicated political reality of the Middle East. We offer a wide range of services to facilitate and affordable production in the highest professional standards. We often provide productions with a full package of services – from the initial research to coordination, filming and post production. In many cases the director or producer / fixer / stringer are the only one’s traveling to Israel, while we are responsible for the professional crew and production staff.

Documentary film production in Israel: our fixers

We appoint a coordinator (fixer) to each production. While the fixer is with the crew in the filming locations, he or she is constantly in touch with the Tel Aviv office. Our office coordinators provides them with news alerts, logistical assistance and online research work when needed. Highlight Films is proud to operate in Palestine as well. Our professional Palestinian production team is based in Bethlehem, and can provide any production services there.

Documentary film footage

Our stock footage archive is among the best in Israel. Most of it was filmed by our experienced documentary cameramen on location. We don’t film news for archive, but rather try to capture excellent documentary footage in news events. Our video archive offers professional shots of locations throughout the country, filmed on the ground and from the air. Many significant events and locations in the recent history of Israel and Palestine are part of our footage library. So if you need only a few minutes of footage from Israel, we are sure we can get the best suitable footage for you.


We have completed a considerable list of art films and art projects: both video and stills productions that can be produced within a reasonable budget frame. The majority of the art films we produce are for established TV channels, museum and world-renowned artists.

Freelance Documentary Filmmakers

Since 2002 many production companies approached us for filming, but couldn’t send their key personnel to Israel. In these cases we found the most suitable Israeli filmmakers to work with these productions. We are proud to state that the matchmaking was successful in all cases. If there is anything you want to ask us about production services for documentary films in Israel, please feel free to contact our Tel Aviv Headquarters and we’ll get back to you