We are very proud of the HD and 4K aerial filming projects we have completed over the last years in Israel. Filming from the air takes a lot of experience, and it is often dictated by circumstances beyond a filmmaker’s control. Heat, wind, haze, dust to mention a few of them. Our answer to these challenges is our Experience: years of producing great aerial productions of all parts of Israel, including Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Dead Sea and many other landscapes of Israel.


Drone Aerial Filming in Israel: OUR EXPERIENCE

In the last 20 years we filmed from the air with helicopters, light airplanes and many kinds of drones. We have coordinated aerial shoots of many kinds in Israel: for feature films, news, TV reality shows, animation productions, documentary films and corporate videos. We produce drone aerial filming in Israel on a regular basis for international networks, corporations and organizations. In the past years we have produced hundreds of aerial shoots in Israel for our international customers.

We continue doing it on a weekly basis. Our aerial production team can take any professional challenge, as we did with the filming of Jerusalem 3D IMAX. It was the first time a professional IMAX camera set arrived to Israel, and we used it to produce two weeks of filming amazing 65 mm film footage of Israel from the air.



Our drone teams use several types of drones for our aerial shoots, and we are proud of our impressive show reels. Our extensive work load allows us to get better results for reasonable costs within a short time frame.

We offer three kinds of drones:

  • DJI Inspire 2 with X5 / X7 camera.
  • DJI Mavic Pro2 4K
  • Heavy, custom made drones capable of carrying any RED or ARRI camera.

All our operators and drones have aviator licenses issued by the Israeli aviation authorities. In addition, all drones we use have insurance coverage for any 3rd party damage.
The unmanned aerial vehicles carry fully-stabilized 4K and HD cameras and provide excellent footage. Furthermore, they fly at practically any altitude, in almost every day of the year, except for extreme weather days. The drone camera records 4K footage on storage cards, while the ground crew views the footage online on a ground monitor.


We have an extensive stock footage library with video clips available for online licensing.
Please contact us for any aerial shoot in Israel.