Highlight Films provides turnkey solutions to editing and post production challenges in Israel. We operate professional editing suites in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Kibbutz Nir-am (near Gaza border). We work in all post production and editing professional formats, including HD, 2K and 4K. In addition to the edit suites, we provide video editing services for news reports, documentary filmscorporate videos and other formats. In times of intense news activity we set up a local news editing facility in the relevant area.



AVID 4K workstations, Adobe Premiere and FCP suites are available in our Tel Aviv Headquarters, 15 minutes drive from the Tel Aviv center. In addition, we have several AVID and Premiere editing suites in Jerusalem, Bethlehem, near Gaza border and Ramallah. Usually our edit Suites are available with or without an editor.

Gaza Border – editing services

Our editing and post production services in Israel include  an offline / online edit suite in our Gaza border media centre, located in Kibbutz Nir-am, near the Israel-Gaza border. We can edit news reports, current affairs stories and any other video project. When filming around the Gaza Strip area, we can send the footage in advance to the edit suite, and can either run it through temporary colour correction, or upload it in virtually no time to any edit suite in the world. We have a very fast upload abilities both in Tel Aviv and in Kibbutz Nir-am (see below).

DIT and post production in Israel: ON LOCATION EDITING

We provide editing laptops and all technical support for news and current affairs productions. In addition, we plan and manage DIT on-location solutions to drama and film productions. We work with experienced video editors and data wranglers in both Israel and Palestine.
Our DIT sets vary and depend on the director’s demands and the gear we use, and we can satisfy any request for the DIT kit specs. 

Mobile upload unit in Israel

One of our original goals for our editing and post production services in Israel in 2020 was to assemble an efficient and fast upload from location to the editing suite. Such ability would give film directors the option to come to the suite at the end of the day and watch the dailies. However the new reality with the Corona virus have changed our plans. We realized that on the short run we have to develop solutions that will minimize travel and entering new sites, so this plan is now on hold. We will probably implement it when Israel goes to 5G cellular communication.


The Highlight Films post production team handles footage backup, logging and upload of compressed dailies for remote viewing from our Gaza border, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem facilities. On site we always make parallel physical backups to two disks, and a third backup is prepared on the following day our office techs. 

Editing and Post Production in Israel: VIDEO FILE UPLOAD

The upload speed of field uploads are according to the cellular networks on site. In our Tel Aviv office we can upload at 100Mbbs, and in our Gaza border media centre the upload / download speed is 200 Mbbs. Obviously when planning ahead, we can always find a fast upload point near the location. We work with the cloud, and we have 10 Tbs of cloud storage available for on-going productions. 60 days after the shoot has ended and footage had been downloaded in destination, we move the footage to a physical disk in our archive. We keep these backups for at least five years. 

Editing and Post Production in Israel: UPLINK AND SATELLITE FEED

We work with all major providers in Israel of mobile satellite up link, live feed and video play-out services. Furthermore, our production teams can provide live broadcast, including SNG trucks and any multi-camera setup.

Please contact us for any editing or post production needs in Israel or Palestine.