Film production in Jordan: Petra, Wadi Rum, Amman

We often manage and service film production in Jordan, our neighbour from the east. Since 1994, the borders between Israel and Jordan are open and allow for quick crossing of production teams and camera crews. 

Some of our film productions in Jordan are managed by our Palestinian fixers and production managers, who carry Jordanian passports. In other cases, we collaborate with our sister companies in Amman: we assemble a team of experienced producers who can provide an efficient workflow that includes filming in both Israel, Palestine and Jordan, as well as safe and fast crossing of the international borders. 

Film production in Jordan: our experience

During the years we provided news and documentary production services for many international productions. Among them:, PBS, BBC, National Geographic, Der Spiegel, Discovery, History Channel and more. 

Jordan is a land of unprecedented locations. It boasts Petra – the lost Nabatean city carved in rock; and Wadi Rum with its endless sand dunes. The most popular sites we film at are Petra, Wadi Rum and Amman, but we produced many shoots in other locations: Mt. Nebo, The Eastern bank of the Dead Sea, Jarash, Madaba, the Iraq-Joran border and others. 


Film production in Jordan: our services

Our production services in Jordan include everything we offer in Israel and Palestine, and on the same high standards:

– Experienced fixers and production managers.

Camera crews and any professional gear.

– Location scout and clearance: in Jordan the process is simple and efficient: the Jordan Royal Film Commission is the authority on any filming in the country.

– Careful planning and efficient execution of border crossings, transportation and accommodation.


Film production in Jordan: crossing from Israel

The main crossing point to Jordan is King Hussein Bridge (Allenby Bridge), east of Jericho. When crossing with gear, it is recommended to coordinate with the border authorities on both sides in advance. All visitors an Palestinians can cross there, but Israelis can cross on the Beit Shean Bridge (Sheikh Hussein Bridge) or in the Arava Border Crossing, near Eilat.

Thinking about filming in Jordan? Contact us, and we’d be glad to show you the right way.