We have two decades of filming live music shows and concerts in Israel

Interested in music video production in Israel? You are int eh right place. In the past years we worked with production companies in the US and Europe on music video productions in Israel. These  included live musical concerts, behind-the-scenes reports, making-of and other video productions taking place in Israel and Palestine. While we stay away from producing the actual shows, we are very experienced in covering it. We offer professional multi-cam, experienced crews and state of the art equipment; capturing of the behind-the-scenes, planning and setting up stage; audience reactions; real time clips for web upload, and live broadcast.

Some of the projects we worked on:

– The official EPK of Madonna’s MDNA concert in Tel Aviv. At the same time we provided crews and services to Team Coco, the Conan O’Brian show. We produced their “man on the street” interviews around the Madonna concert.

– Filming of the new video clip of Calle 13 – which all took place in Palestine.

– Filming the Infected Mushroom Israel concert.

– Behind the scenes of the Maria Carey concert in Tel Aviv.

– Production of Songs of Praise for BBC

– On 2016, 2017 and 2018 – production of Weinachten in Bethlehem – special ZDF holiday musical concert show and a documentary film. We filmed the show in the Church of Nativity, Bethlehem.

– Filming of the Alan Parsons concert in Tel Aviv with the Israeli Philharmonic orchestra.

In addition, we produced numerous video clips in Israel and Palestine, as well as news and documentary coverage of live shows and public concerts.

live music shows and concerts in Israel: OUR SERVICES

In the production of music shows, clips and concerts we can provide the entire video setup – cameras, crew, audio, editing facilities on location and up-link / upload services.

Our production teams plan and build any production setting required for taped or live music events: Coordination with the concert production, setting up the video and audio systems, filming and on-site editing. In addition, we can provide for satellite transmission services to all over the world.

We have been using drones, spider-cams and other special camera and grip elements, all available in Israel. Moreover, we specialize in the operation of a variety of drones equipped with stabilized 4K / HD cameras.

The drone’s integration with the basic camera layout of sport events will surely increase the production value significantly.

For more info or advise please contact us and we’ll be back to you shortly