We established our Southern Gaza Border Media Center on February 2020, days before the Coronavirus changed everyone’s life. We’ve been producing news reports and documentary films in and around the Gaza border for more than twenty years.

Why did we establish the Gaza border media center? First and foremost, to provide the best resources for efficient TV and video productions. Moreover, these productions often take place under complicated circumstances. For that end, we have recruited experienced production personnel from the Gaza border area.  We offer a wide range of production services for news reporters and documentary filmmakers.

Gaza Border Live cam

We have a high-quality, 24/7 video camera filming the northern cities of the Gaza Strip as well as the Israeli city of Sderot. 

During fire exchange we will show this footage on our news and on our social media outlets. 

Please contact us for a live feed access. 

Recent rocket launches captures by our cameras

Gaza Border Media Center - Our services

We can accommodate any video or photo production near the Israel-Gaza border. Our producers are in touch with the security and civil authorities, and we receive instant alerts for events in the area. Moreover, since we live in the area, our access and ability to move around is much better than visiting producers.

Our Gaza Border Media Center producers can work with visiting camera crews, or to provide professional Israeli camera crews. All our crews use professional camera sets and have years of experience working with international productions.

Editing facilities are in our Nir-Am media centre. We also provide fast internet connection (200 Mbbs symmetrical) and all the facilities for a satellite uplink. 

Gaza sky cam 24/7 - Highlight Films

Safety and security near Gaza

It is never safe when a barrage of dozens of rockets is aimed at you. We have detailed security protocols for filming under attack, and we know what to do, and especially what not to do. Our producers are very experienced with securing our customers. We have professional security gear sets (Press-labelled bullet proof vests and helmets) and gas masks available. Our producers will always brief you on safe spaces for shelter, or how to act when you are away for a shelter. 

Interviews with local Otef residents

We know the people who live in the area, and we have a large cadre of officials who can be interviewed in many languages: English, Arabic, Russian, Spanish, French, Flemish, Portuguese and German. 

Highlight Films’ Palestinian producers and camera crews in Gaza are all experienced with working with international productions. They are in charge of providing the local services in Gaza for our customers visiting there. In times of active fighting, our Israeli fixers and Palestinian fixers work together in full cooperation to ensure the security and safety of our visiting crews. 

HOW TO GET there?

The OTEF – Hebrew for the villages, Kibbutzim and cities near the Gaza Strip, is a beautiful area year-long. In times of elevated military activity or fear of shelling from Gaza, the Israeli security authorities would enforce limitations on travel from central Israel to the border. Our producers in the area can move and coordinate crew travel easier than visiting producers, obviously without exposing our crews to unnecessary risks. 

So if you are interested in audio-visual production near the Gaza border – give us a shout!