Medical video production in Israel

Our experience - Medical videos

We have been mastering professional medical video production in Israel for the last decade. Over the years we produced more than 250 medical videos in Israel and the West Bank. Among them – medical marketing videos, medical information and instruction, medical animation and other formats.

Our costumers are international pharmaceutical companies, research centers in the US and Europe and medical associations. In Israel we are very experienced in filming with local hospitals, medical research facilities, laboratories, private and public clinics, and so forth.

Between 2013-2021 we documented the planning and building of the Assuta Ashdod Public Hospital in Israel. As such, we followed the entire building process, from planning and breaking ground to the completion and beginning of work in the hospital in full capacity. We continue to film for various local and international customers from the medical and pharmaceutical industries; in addition, we continue researching and producing TV and video projects dealing with a variety of medical products, processes and facilities. 

In 2020 we collaborated with SURGE for the production of international medical videos, filmed in Europe, the US and Asia. SURGE offers a groundbreaking educational platform for medical professionals. 

Below are some of our medical videos. If you are looking for a professional video shot with medical organizations in Israel, please don’t hesitate to contact us

Science and medical industry reports

Every year we produce dozens of scientific reports and medical industry video stories. We film with Israel’s leading research facilities and labs – the Technion, Weizmann Institute of Science, The Hebrew University, Bar Ilan university, Tel Aviv University and other leading institutes in Israel. In addition to videos, we also produce medical webinars in Israel for corporations, production companies and medical facilities worldwide.