News stories from Israel on the next six months

In the last decade, we have provided our customers with semi-annual reports and estimates about what we think will be the news stories from Israel on the following six months. Obviously, these are our educated guesses, and like (almost) everyone else throughout the world, the Corona virus has become part of our lives without any clue…

As we write this post about the near-future news stories from Israel on May 23, it is too soon to tell how will Covid19 influence our lives in the second part of 2020. But it is safe to say that a few other news stories from Israel will become the focus of local and international attention, regardless of the reality fo living with the virus and expecting a 2nd (or 3rd) waves.

News stories from Israel: The Israeli economy

The new government formed last week after more than a year of political paralysis has almost insurmountable challenges to overcome: an unprecedented number of newly unemployed Israelis; A ridiculously oversized government that declares about the need to curtail bureaucracy, but fails to provide a plan, even on the declarative level; the grin present and future of tens of thousands of small businesses that are and will go bankrupt as a result fo the corona virus; an urgent need in building and expanding transportation infrastructure and many more immense challenges.


Israel continues to strike Iranian targets and strategic assets in Syria, Lebanon and in other location in the Middle East. In Israeli eyes, Iran is almost a constant demon, and the fear of having a nuclear Iran is one of the popular agendas of Prime Minister Netanyahu. 


The Corona pandemic have put a temporary hold on the Trump peace plan and one of its most dangerous derivatives – allowing Israel to declare annexation of some areas in the West Bank. The Palestinian Authority has already minimized the routine cooperation with Israel, and with Netanyahu in need of a constant distraction of the public from his criminal trial, it is safe to assume that the annexation will get plenty of headline sin the next months. 


Gaza is always an enigma. After a relatively long period of quiet in the south, mostly because of Israel quiet “softening” of its restrictions in commodities and machinery allowed into Gaza, it is clear that this quiet time will not last. With the month of Ramadan ending next week and the Israeli annexation plans of the West Bank, it is just a matter of time before Hamas rockets fly again to southern Israel. 

NEWS STORIES FROM ISRAEL: Netanyahu’s criminal trial

Tomorrow, for the first time ever, a prime minister on active duty will stand a criminal trial. Benjamin Netanyahu is accused of bribery and fraud. The world will follow the trial and the very active social media campaigns managed by Netanyahu, focusing on smearing the legal authorities. 

NEWS STORIES FROM ISRAEL: Corona, Corona, Corona

With Israel getting back to routine and the public openly disregarding the Corona health instructions, experts are warn of an imminent second wave. Dozens of Israel teams – startups, established corporations, government agencies and NGOs – are working around the clock on new tools, methods, treatments and vaccines. There are amazing stories and promising discoveries that will impact the future protection and treatment of corona virus patients. 


So this our humble estimate. We continue to follow these and additional news stories from Israel and to provide news content and production services to journalists and news department all over the world. 

Stay Safe!