Our Covid-19 routine – between the Covid waves

Our Covid-19 routine has changed again, this time for the better… Israel is now slowly coming out of the 2nd wave of the Corona Virus. After a fast (actually too fast) recovery from the first wave in April, the second wave was stronger and reached more than 8,000 new cases per day. The Israeli government finally decided to impose an nationwide curfew, which is now ending. The sky is still fairly closed, and no foreigners can arrive to Israel without a 2-week isolation period, but the Israeli government will announcer soon that visitors can now come to Israel, get tested upon arrival and stayed in their hotel for a few hours only. We will advise here about it when it is announced. As far as productions – we are working almost as usual. Our current limitations are crew and cast size – no more than 10 persons in a closed space, and no more than 20 in an outdoor setting. Our producers are very experienced with following the Israeli Covid regulations, and in some productions we also have on set a Covid compliance officer. So please contact us for any filming you need in Israel or Palestine, and we’d be glad to make it happen, professionally and safely!