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We have been producing documentary films since 1998, and we continue to do so with an extensive list of international customers. Some of the films were screened in film festivals around the world. 

2016 – Wilfrid Israel – The Essential Link

A 80 minutes feature documentary film directed by Yonatan Nir. The amazing and inspiring life story of Wilfrid Israel, who saved thousands of German Jews from Nazi Germany before and during World War II. The film will premiere in the US and Europe in 2017.

Producers: Noam Shalev and Yonatan Nir

2014 – Bnaya

the story of Captain Bnaya Sarel, IDF officer who was killed in Gaza in Operation Protective Edge on August 1, 2014. The film includes follows Bnaya through the IDF officers course, and recent footage filmed in Gaza just days before he was killed. Director: Noam Shalev
Broadcast: I-24 News

2011 – Beyond the Boundaries

A 60 minutes documentary film directed by Yonatan Nir.
The film follows a group of injured Israeli soldiers invited to a ski vacation by the Jewish community of Aspen, Colorado.
The film focuses on four of the soldiers and their personal experiences, from their injuries to their empowerment on the mountain.
Producer: Nina Hawn Zale

2010 – One of his Kind

A 74 minutes documentary film following the life and work of the journalist Adam Baruch, who died in 2008. The film visits the revolution in the Israeli press, generated by Adam Baruch three decades ago, and ends in the survival campaign of print press in Israel.
Director: Ron Maiberg Producer: Noam Shalev
Broadcast: Channel 8 Israel

2009 – BAHAD 1

A five part documentary series following the Israel army’s combat officers course. The series provides a unique perspective about the IDF, the cadets and the combat officers training. For the first time ever, the Israeli army has allowed camera crews to follow one of its most prestigious establishments: Bahad 1, the IDF officers’ school.
The series follows the trails and tribulations of young cadets as they train to become officers in one of the best armies in the world.
Director: Yifat Kedar.
Series Producer: Noam Shalev


The story of Harold Rubin, the artist and jazz musician who left his homeland South Africa after being charged with blasphemy for one of his paintings.
In 1963 Rubin left Johannesburg, where he was born, raised and worked, and moved to Tel Aviv Israel, where he became an artist and a well known jazz musician and where he still lives today. “Magnificent Failure” follows Rubin’s journey back to Johannesburg 44 years after his hasty departure.
Director: Jasmine Kainy.
: Channel 2, Israel


The real story of the Israeli Mossad’s “Bayonet” unit responsible for Israel’s retaliation against the Palestinian Black September terrorist organization, following the 1972 massacre of eleven Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics. The film revisits the scenes of the operations with the Mossad agents responsible.
Director: Ron Maiberg Producer: Noam Shalev
Broadcast: BBC, Channel 2 Israel, VRT Belgium, DR Denmark, TV3 Spain, Star China, MBC Middle East, Canal Sur Spain, Vara Netherlands and others…

2005 – AL JISR

A moving account of the lives of the residents of Jisr E-Zarqa in their daily struggle against poverty and discrimination. The film centers on a group of young, single women, desperately trying to lead their village to a better life… Hampered by their own traditions, family hierarchy, and the simple fact of being women, they battle against the forces that threaten to overwhelm them. A story of a community estranged from both Israeli and Arab society.
Director: Ebtisam Marana
Broadcast: Channel 2 Israel


A unique perspective of the Israeli disengagement from the Gaza Strip settlements. For eighteen months, the BBC filming crew was given unrestricted exclusive access into the secret planning and execution of the resistance to the disengagement.
Director: Noam Shalev
Broadcast: BBC, Channel 8 Israel.


Their mission:
to collect every piece of flesh every scrap of hair, left after a suicide bombing. Always on call, their beepers vibrate seconds after the disaster.
They believe in providing the Jewish act of true grace – A respectful burial for all human remains. They are the ZAKA volunteers…We followed them through three years of suicide bombings in Israel.
Director: Noam Shalev
Broadcast: YES Israel, Canal + Europe, PBS


follows the journalists, reporters, producers and cameramen who follow the war. As the American, British and coalition troops cross the Iraqi border, thousands of journalists spread into Iraq and the neighboring countries… Some were embedded with military units, others tried to be on the right place on their own.
Filming took place in Iraq and Kuwait in the first few weeks of the fighting.
Broadcast: France 2, TSR


For seven years they have witnessed every major event from both sides of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, filming terrorist attacks, military occupation, aftermaths of suicide bombings and peace initiatives… The sequel of the award-winning documentary Primetime War returns to Israeli cameraman Alon Bernstein and Palestinian cameraman Jimmy Michael.
Director: Noam Shalev
Broadcast: Discovery-Times (US), Arte, Canal+ (Scandinavia), Odissea (Spain)


Bootcamp follows National Geographic Television presenter Steve Backshall as he undergoes two physically extreme field exercises with the Israeli Defense Force…
Broadcast: National Geographic Channel


The Last Dragon tells the adventure of a group of Israeli rafters facing an almost impossible challenge: to descend one of the most notorious stretches of the mighty Yangtze river in China: the ‘Great Bend’.
Broadcast: National Geographic Channel


The battle of Jenin is one of the memorable events 2002 round of violence. The testimonies describe the Israeli army units trying to take over the refugee camp from Palestinian Islamic Jihad and Fatah militants. As the Israelis advance into the camp, they realize their arrival has been anticipated…
Broadcast: Vera, YES Israel.


Primetime War II follows the cameramen to a real war. A war in which cameramen are killed and injured, where the name of the game is survival and power, rather than journalistic ethics and fairness. Following Primetime War (1998), this film takes place in the height of the suicide bombings in Jerusalem in 2002.
Producers: Noam Shalev and Yosi Leon
Director: Noam Shalev
Broadcast: Arte, ZDF

2001 – ECSTASY

Ecstasy tells the story of 6 unique religious ceremonies, taking place among various religious groups in Israel and the Palestinian territories. Ecstasy follows several beliefs and religions: Christians, Muslims, Jews and Samaritans – as they celebrate unique, fascinating religious ceremonies.
Broadcast: National Geographic Channel


Five traditional wedding ceremonies and one funeral, all reflective of Jewish, Muslim, Druze and Samaritan, each with its own unique characteristics… Series presenter Hakeem Kae-Kazim visits four weddings and one funeral in the Holy Land. 
Broadcast: National Geographic Channel


A modern day story about one man’s true dedication to a cause:
bringing Christians and Jews together, and trying to build a better world…
The film tells the story of 19 years on the road, to make one dream come true.
Director: Noam Shalev
Producer: Sarit Danziger
Broadcast: National Geographic Channel


Between the Lines is the story of the Israeli journalist Amira Hass, who chose to live among the Palestinian people rather than in Israel. The film is an exceptional story about a devoted journalist in the midst of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
Director: Yifat Kedar
Producers: Noam Shalev and Yosi Leon
- Freedom of Spirit Award, 2001
Broadcast: Channel 8 Israel, DR-TV.


Primetime War follows the work of two cameramen who cover the events in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The film deals with the role of the media in this long time conflict….
– First prize in the international competition of Actual Awards, 1998
– The Humanitarian Award, Tiburon Film Festival
Director: Noam Shalev
Producers: Noam Shalev and Yosi Leon
Broadcast: Channel 4 (UK), Multicanal, France 2, TV 3 Catalonia, NHK, VRT, DR-TV, TSR, PBS, CBC