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medical video in Israel

We specialize in the production of medical video in Israel. In the recent years we produced more than 250 medical videos in Israel and the West Bank. Of those, many medical videos include medical marketing videos, medical information and instruction, medical animation and other formats.

Our costumers are international pharmaceutical companies, research centers in the US and Europe and medical associations. In Israel we are very experienced in filming with Israeli hospitals, medical research facilities, laboratories, private and public clinics, and so forth.

Between 2013-2019 we documented the planning and building of the Assuta Ashdod Public Hospital in Israel. As such, we followed the entire process for Assuta: from planning and breaking ground to the completion and beginning of work in the hospital in full capacity. 

Below are some of the our medical videos. If you are looking for a professional video shot with medical organizations in Israel, please don't hesitate to contact us