Producing in Israel during Corona times

All across the world people are struggling to maintain life under extreme conditions, and so are we. In order to continue producing in Israel during Corona times, we added new guidelines for crews and producers

– We send only two crew members in each car, unless it’s a large van with either separation or ample space. 

– Cars interiors have to be cleaned with alcohol between drivers. 

– Cameras, accessories, lights are externally cleaned between shoots, focusing on points of contact. 

– Crew work with disposable gloves (we send 10 sets per each crew member for each day’s work) and with N-95 face masks.

– No eating or drinking on site. Crew lunches will take place in open spaces, and we prefer ordering prepared food delivery rather than buying it in unfamiliar places.

Radio mics, walkie talkies, dynamic mics and other elements that get close to a person’s mouth must be carefully cleaned Between persons. 

– Makeup: disposable sponges only. No use of same brush for more than one person without cleaning in alcohol. 

– Follow the latest advisories from the Israel Health Authorities

– And most important: No one takes any risks when working under the threat of Covid-19. Do it safely, so it slowly, or don’t do it at all – but get back safe!!!