Commercial spots

We are offering full services for the production of commercial TV, web spots and still photo campaigns in Israel. Our country offers a great variety of locations, available almost year-long. We provide all services for a commercial shoot in Israel; local crew, production and location management, gear, logistics, security, transportation etc. 

Israel offers an excellent cadre of professional film and video industry professionals, all experienced with international commercial shoots. We work with the best of them.

In the last years we managed a variety of TV, web and print commercial shoots for European, American and Asian customers. These include Decathlon, Intel, Virgin Atlantic, Canon and other leading international brands. One of our recent productions was for CANON, and we filmed it in Jerusalem sports facilities:

And a recent TV spot production for Virgin Atlantic:

Production of Commercial TV and web spots: FASHION SHOOTS

In the past years we have completed a variety of commercial photo shoots for international fashion brands, including Decathlon, Maxim Magazine and other leading brands. As the weather in Israel allows for filming outdoors year long, we offer a large variety of locations, most of them within a short driving distance from Tel Aviv. 

We work with the best professions in Israel and can produce any photo campaign or TV spot, 12 months a year.

Production of Commercial TV and web spots in Israel
Israel photo shoot location
Production of Commercial TV and web spots in Israel

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