Video and TV production services in Eilat

The Highlight Films production team is providing film, TV and video production services in Eilat for the past two decades. Eilat is a popular vacation spot, based on the northern tip of the Red Sea. We produced a variety of projects in and near Eilat.

Underwater filming in Eilat

Eilat Bay offers unique underwater filming sites and diving opportunities, both for professional divers and for amateur snorkeling. We filmed on several occasions for National Geographic, Discovery, History and other networks.

History and archaeology

20 minutes drove north of Eilat is Timna Park, a significant historical site which is now a national park. In addition to its unique landscape, Timna Park reveals ancient copper mines and mining shafts through the park. We filmed several historical productions in Timna Park, with both visiting experts and local archaeologists who have spent years exploring this amazing site.

Reality TV

Eilat boasts many hotels, restaurants and tourism facilities, and has become a popular vacation site for both Israelis and Europeans. It is also near two border crossings – to Jordan and to Egypt. These makes Eilat a great place for Reality TV shoots and for productions using more than one country. Our crews are very experienced in facilitating every aspect of the shoot, in Israel and in the neighboring countries.

Miss Universe 2021

The city of Eilat will host the Miss Universe 2021 beauty competition on December 2021. Hundreds of journalists and  TV crews are expected to arrive to Eilat in order to cover the competitions. In the next few weeks we will release more information about production services in Eilat for both local and visiting camera crews and producers. 

Fixers, camera crews and location managers in Eilat

Our crews are very experienced in working in and around Eilat. While most facility houses and professional camera crews are in the Tel Aviv area, Eilat is less than 4 hours drive away, or less than an hour of flight. We’d be glad to provide camera crews, fixer services and all logistical needs of visiting or remote productions.