Welcome to Highlight Films! We are proud of being the best Israel production services company for international productions. Below you will find information about Israel production services for any film, video or TV project in Israel and the Palestinian Authority areas. We’ll do everything to ensure a successful production and that your experience in Israel is both professionally satisfying and pleasant.

Production Services in Israel: Our Experience

Since 1998, we have provided camera crews and production services for hundreds of international productions, in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and elsewhere. We have partnered with American, Canadian, European and Asian productions arriving to Israel and Palestine. We offer a wide rang of Israel production services and facilities for a variety of audio-visual formats: News, documentary filmscorporate videos and TV productions. From research and ideas to clearing locations, filming, editing and up-link services. Some of our customers ask for a quick job, like hiring a camera crew in Tel Aviv for one day; other productions – TV, film or corporate – may take weeks of pre-production and filming. Our experienced fixers manage the projects throughout Israel, the Palestinian West Bank and Gaza. Highlight Films is a one stop production house: we specialize in catering for the needs of customers from all over the world, visiting talents and producers.

The Highlight Films Team

Our producers can provide any TV, film and video production services in Israel. As the leading production company in Israel, we have our own camera sets, grip gear and lights. We edit and post in our own production facilities, therefore we can keep the cost of production low. In addition, we have learned many creative ways to save money without compromising quality…

Many believe that it is impossible for Israelis and Palestinians to work together, however we prove the opposite. Highlight Films is proud to continue this cooperation on a daily basis, in Jerusalem and elsewhere. In many productions, the visiting film / production crews have to cross back and forth between Israeli and Palestinian territories. In conclusion, we know how to plan it right and which ways and procedures to follow in order to make the crossing quick, safe and efficient.

Here are some pointers and links for the services we provide:


English, French, German, Arabic, Spanish, Russian, Hebrew.

Film in Israel

Our Israel production services cover all film, video and still photo productions. Film cameras (35mm / 16mm) are available in Israel. However be advised that there are no commercial processing labs in the country. Please check our Film in Israel website for more info.

Camera crew in Israel

Our video camera crews and video editors work in all HD and 4K camera formats: RAW, HDCAM, XDCAM. Our camera crews use Sony, Canon and Panasonic 4K / HD cameras, as well as ARRI, RED and BlackMagic 4K, 6K and 8K cameras. All our Directors of photography, cameramen, sound men and other professionals are experienced in international productions.

Production Services in Israel: Production studio

Our Israel production studios are located on the outskirts of Tel Aviv, only minutes from two major highways and within 15 minutes drive of central Tel Aviv. Our Palestine production studio is located in the city center of Ramallah. We have access to a variety of filming studios in Israel: from small crews presenter booths to fully equipped multi-camera studios. For Jerusalem productions, we can always find quick and sufficient solutions.

Video editing rooms

We have professional video editors in house and on call in both Israel and Palestine. Our Avid Media Composer and Adobe Premiere edit suites are available along all editing systems. The technical departments in Tel Aviv and Ramallah are fully equipped to digitize, edit and play out all formats. We offer our customers mobile editing units on laptops, and will provide a fast upload connection anywhere you need it.

Media and Broadcast in Israel

Our in-house studio is capable of dealing with most digital and analog video and audio formats. Accordingly we have the latest Adobe CS including After Effects, Avid MC suites and 360 video editing facilities. Our Tel Aviv offices have a fast fiber-optic upload connection for internet upload and file sharing. In addition, we can provide satellite uplink services, including live feeds and play out services, in any location in Israel and the Palestinian areas.

Aerial filming

Our extensive archive includes many hours of 4k and HD aerial footage of Israel, filmed from helicopters and light airplanes. In addition, we are very experienced with using drones carrying stabilized HD/4K cameras, and the results are outstanding.
For aerial filming shoots, we can suggest one of our excellent drone crews, or arrange for a helicopter specially fit for any professional stabilized cameras. In some cases your cameraman can fly, while in other cases an Israeli cameraman will have to film for you. Before taking off, we will arrange all flight permits, equipment and shoot plan.

Underwater filming

We provide underwater production services in the Israel Mediterranean shores (Caesarea, Jaffa, Rosh Hanikra) and in the Bay of Eilat. Professional underwater cameramen will film with waterproof 4K or HD camera casings.

Israel production services – Television

Highlight Films has more than 21 years of experience of producing in Israel, Palestine, Jordan and throughout the Middle East. We have managed studio programs, documentary films, reality formats, documentary feature films, sport related features and others. Therefore our producers can assemble the best local crews possible in Israel, the Palestinian West Bank or Gaza. Either personnel, equipment or logistics – we can assure you the highest professional levels on all fronts.

Production Services in Israel: Film and video footage archive

Highlight Films is the only production company in Israel to offer professional stock footage archives. Our 4K/HD video archive is unique in many ways. Our experienced cameramen filmed it on location throughout Israel. Some of the footage was filmed for our own films, while following significant events and locations in the recent history of Israel and Palestine. These include fascinating shots of nature in Israel, filmed in the Judea Desert, Galilee and elsewhere. of Along the years we have been filming specifically for our stock footage archive. As a result of years’ long efforts, more than 1,500 clips are now available for online licensing.

So if all you need is a few shots from Israel, we’ll do our best to get the most suitable footage for you.