Production Services in Jerusalem? You are in the right place. We pride ourselves for being the experts on film and video production in Jerusalem. The Old City of Jerusalem is one of the fascinating, yet challenging location for a film production. We’ve been filming there for more than two decades, and we never get bored with it… There are no proper facilities for film production in Jerusalem, and very few film professionals live in the city. The center of the film and TV industry is in Tel Aviv and when planning a film or video production in Jerusalem, it is recommended to take into consideration that there will be daily shuttles between the cities (one hour per direction), or having the Israeli crew stay  overnight in Jerusalem.
Check our production services for documentary films in Israel.

Film locations in Jerusalem

Jerusalem has become in the last years a great place for film-making. The municipality is very production-friendly, and the Jerusalem police department is cooperative as well. In the last decade Jerusalem has undergone many big construction projects, but with the competition of the first light train line in the city, traffic is now more reasonable.

Temple Mount – Dome of the Rock

The Old City of Jerusalem is a never-exhausting center of stories, locations and narratives. Though film permits are required for the city and for specific sites in it, we have years of experience in finding and clearing locations. Temple Mount, also known as Al Aqsa, is a sacred site for many Muslims, Christians and Jews. The Dome of the Rock, the golden dome, is the visual icon of Jerusalem. Filming on Temple Mount, including near or in Dome of the Rock and the adjacent Al Aqsa mosque, is usually forbidden. The political and security sensitivities of the sacred compound are often major obstacles for any film crew, other than Palestinian crews. We have an impressive stock footage archive of Temple Mount, Dome of the Rock and nearby sites. We filmed on site and with drones.

The Western Wall

The Western Wall is the most sacred place for Jews. The site is under the control of a sovereign authority, requiring a film permit for filming near the Wall. Many restrictions apply: no dramatic enactments, no use of music, no scripted scenes. We film there almost on a weekly basis, including in the impressive ceremonies of Priestly Blessing.

The Highlight Films production teams, from production managerslocation managers and all professional crew, are both Israelis and Palestinians with years of experience of working in international productions in and around Jerusalem. Our connections in the city are excellent, and we know how to make an international production run swiftly.

Production Services in Jerusalem: Our experience

We are probably the most experienced team when it comes to film productions in Jerusalem. We managed the production of “Jerusalem”, the first IMAX 3D film produced in Israel. So we know how to produce in this city…

In the last years we have produced several feature films  and dozens of documentary films in Jerusalem, focusing mostly on locations in the Old City.
We have years of experience working with the various authorities when producing in Jerusalem, including the municipality, police, Israeli Antiquities Authority and the various religious organizations that  are in charge for issuing film permits throughout the city.

Video Production services in Jerusalem

We offer one stop shop for film production in Jerusalem: production and location management, location scouts (recce) in the city. Location clearance and obtaining film permits, getting extras, bits and actors per script; coordinating and managing the production; hiring film crew and equipment, transportation, hotels, security, catering and anything else a film production needs.
Our locations library has thousands of still photos of locations in Jerusalem and adjacent Bethlehem, all available online. So for any film production in Jerusalem, feel free to contact us and get the best team specializing in production services in Jerusalem.

Production services in Jerusalem