Production Transportation in Israel and Palestine

OUR VEHICLES: vans, busses, camera trucks, on-cam vehicles and more

We can handle any kind of Production transportation in Israel and Palestine. From a small minivan for a news shoot, to full size people carrier vans and buses. In terms of professional film fleet, we can coordinate camera, grip and light trucks and vans. All our vehicles carry insurance coverage in Israel. In addition, all vehicles in productions filming in Palestine (area A) have double insurance coverage – for both Israel and Palestine. We work with two leading car rental companies for additional production, logistics and other vehicles as required. Our drivers are professional and experienced. In addition, makeup caravans and talent trailers are fully air conditioned, and they arrive to the set with generators and towed bathrooms.

There is an impressive selection of camera cars in Israel, and professional contractors who can prep and deliver them .We can always look for and clear picture cars – from military vehicles to old cars of all models.
Another very important issue – safety. We never compromise on the safety of the vehicles we use or on the professional level of driving.


In film productions and other sets that use a lot of vehicles on and off-set, we will appoint a transportation captain. He is responsible for the production fleet and will assure efficient operation, proper safety measures.
The transportation captain reports to the production manager on all transportation matters, such as parking, fuelling and toll. In addition, he plans special access of vehicles to closed areas, police coordination and on-set parking.


In reality shows and TV programs shooting in Israel, shipping the gear to Israel in advance would save a lot on airline baggage costs. For pre-production transportation in Israel we work with several shipping and forwarding companies, and customs brokers who handle the quick release of the shipment. Afterwards we will coordinate the shipment’s transport in Israel to the crew hotel or production office.

Production Transportation in Israel and Palestine: AIRPORT TRANSPORT

In addition to our production transportation in Israel, we can arrange for airport pickup of crews and individuals landing in Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion airport. A professional van driver will drive you directly to your hotel, anywhere in Israel or Palestine. When required, we can book VIP service for production key persons or for the entire crew. The VIP service can often save valuable time upon arrival.
In conclusion, just let us know what you need in terms of production transport in Israel, and we’d be glad to handle it for you.