Safe shooting with Covid-19 in Israel: our protocols

Safe shooting with Covid-19 in Israel: these are the new protocols we established

How do you keep safe shooting with Covid-19 in Israel? Our producers are following the following instructions:

  • Crew must wear face-mask and gloves anytime when on location or with customers.
  • Until further notice, crew travels in vans / cars with maximum 2 persons per vehicle. In large vans and people carriers, the limit is half the maximum number of passengers allowed.
  • Rental camera and lights gear must be thoroughly before loading to vans / trucks.
  • All gear must be cleaned thoroughly upon exiting any indoor location.
  • Lunch breaks – only food ordered in delivery. Eating is always outdoors, and the eating area must be cleaned before and after lunch.
  • Vehicles are cleaned at the end of every filming day. Cleaning includes all cabin and loading area surfaces. No transfer of vehicles between productions: vehicles are to be used by different crews only after one day buffer between crews.
  • Stand-up Interviews: Interviewer will keep a distance of 2 meters from interviewee.
  • Lav mics: Please ask the interviewee to put it correctly on himself / herself. Otherwise – use a boom pole.

We follow the World Health Organisation safety standards and the Government of Israel health instructions. Our crews and producers get daily briefings and updates on current regulations.

Our work is important, but our health is more important!