The best film locations in Israel 2020

Where are the best film locations in Israel? Anywhere… Here are some of the film locations in Israel we always return to, each time with a different customer, with another production:

The best film locations in Israel: areas

Tel Aviv: A modern city that was built on the beach. Modern and Ultra modern architecture, wide boulevards, and a great variety of building styles and areas. Galilee: 1.5-2 hours of driving north of Tel Aviv, the Galilee presents Provence-like landscapes, hills, mountains and wide fields. The Sea of Galilee, in addition to its significance to the Jewish and Christian history, is a beautiful lake accessible year-long. Judean Desert and the Dead Sea: Unparalleled wild beauty of nature in its full might. Just one hour drive from Jerusalem, the Judean Desert and the coast of the Dead Sea offer breathtaking locations. The Negev desert and Eilat: The Negev desert takes most of Southern Israel. Large areas are still open and allow for never ending backdrop of sands, rocks, small hills and mountains. Eilat is all about the coast of the Red Sea, with the underwater beauty of fish and corals. And so much more: The Judean hills, Akko, Caesarea, wild Mediterranean beaches, winter snow-covered Mt. Hermon in the north… Our list of the best film locations in Israel can go on and on… And they are all available year long, as the winter in Israel is pretty mild. There is no need for connecting flights or long drives – Israel is tiny and you can easily drive from one location to the other in one day of filming. Our stock footage library of Israel is available online, with more than 2,000 aerial and ground clips of the best film locations in Israel. Want to film here? or do you want us to film for you? Just give us a shout!