Transforming in order to keep being the best production partners in Israel 2020

Being the best production partners in Israel take many years of hard work. Everyone’s life has changed under Coronavirus… And these days we are reshaping our business for the day after. We have been production partners in Israel for many people and companies for more than 20 years, and we definitely plan to keep it on.
Around half of our business used to be working with visiting camera crews. We know it’s over. No more daily trips to the airport to welcome new crews, no more hotels and restaurants.

The future of providing production services is in being able to do it remotely: to follow and implement the director’s vision; to collaborate in real time with our cameras rolling, and a client somewhere in America, Europe or Asia watching the footage and hearing the sound-bytes in real time. That’s our plan of continuing to be the best production partners in Israel.

The Future of production services in Israel

The future of remote production is far from grim. Actually, things will be better. We will spend less time on logistics and transportation. We will meet less producers, directors and cameramen, but as the world is transferring to remote relationships, we will too.

Before Corona, we were the best in what we do. Now it’s time to reshape, rejuvenate and adapt. Life after Corona will be different, but it may be better!

We are here, your production partners in Israel.