Highlight Films provides all the production services for underwater photography and videography in Israel. We have done underwater filming for several international productions, including National Geographic and Discovery Channels. From the beautiful coral reefs in the Eilat bay, to the underwater archaeological part at Caesarea, the ruins of Atlit and Acre; we can provide all the necessary underwater video production services in Israel. 

We have been working for many years with Eytan Nadel, one of Israel’s most experienced diving cameraman. Eytan is also an expert diving instructor. Since in many productions the director would like to dive as well, we can provide both instruction and safety procedures. 

underwater photography and videography in Israel: Our gear 

Cameras: We use Panasonic GH5, Sony A7Sm2 and Sony A7Rm4 for underwater photography and videography in Israel. Our underwater cameramen have special housings and all needed diving gear. 

Available vessels in the Mediterranean: a 24ft. boat (up to 8 people in sea), and full diving gear for both salty and sweet water. If necessary, we can get bigger or smaller marine vessels.

Our producers or location managers can obtain all the necessary sailing and filming permits from the relevant authorities for underwater photography in Israel.
Equipment: Full 4K / HD cameras with professional housing cases + Underwater camera housing.

underwater photography and videography in Israel: Popular diving locations

Apolonia (Herzliya)

Please contact us regarding underwater photography and videography in Israel, and we’d be glad to offer you our best professional advise and services. 

Underwater photography and videography in Israel