Producing with Covid-19 compliance officer israel

Our Covid Experience

Since February 2020 we have experienced in all kinds of TV and video productions in Israel. We  developed our own Covid protocols. In addition, we activated a system that allows us to quickly integrate our Covid protocols and the Israel health regulations, with our customers’ Covid regulations and requirements.

Our Covid Compliance Officers

We have completed the training of four experienced field producers as Covid-19 compliance officers in Israel. However a Covid compliance officer is not a producer on the set. He or she are hired by the producers to oversee all relevant aspects and make sure that health regulations and guidelines are followed to the letter. The extensive training we offer to our prospective Covid-19 compliance officers includes: learning about the #CoronaVirus and the facts we know about the virus and its ways of spreading; recognising crucial points in the production workflow and avoiding potential points of danger; checking the crew and cast for temperature and gathering information about their contacts with corona patients; Forbidding anyone who may be exposed from the set; making sure all participants keep social distancing and wear masks throughout the day; supervising transport and catering, and so forth. Our Covid compliance officers follow the Israel health regulations and advisories and WHO recommendations. You can read more about about Covid production insights in a recent LinkedIn article we published on Nov. 16, 2020

Remote video production made possible

Prior to the Covid era, many of our productions involved arriving crew members to israel. That ended on March 2020, and we don’t expect it to change before October 2021. There is still no option for visitors to avoid the 7 days quarantine upon arrival to Israel.

In order to allow our customers to remotely direct shoots in israel, we have made the following changes: 

– Covid regulation are strictly enforced, under the responsibility of our producer or a dedicated Covid compliance officer. 

We offer remote production services to producers and directors who want to be involved in the shoot. We are using remote viewing kits with BlackMagic Web Presenter devices in order to show the footage and audio of our camera or cameras in real time, so the director can watch it live. 

– Per request, we can add GoPros and Mobile cams in order to give additional angles for the director. 

Current status - Covid in Israel - August 2021

Israel is now at what seems to be the fourth wave of Covid. In rare cases, journalists and TV crews are allowed to enter the country as long as they are fully vaccinated, spend 7 days in quarantine in Israel and pass 3 Covid PCR tests. We are getting online updates from the Israel Ministry of Health, and we closely follow WHO advisories. Our producers can always check is a planned shoot is allowed any feasible. Once we confirm feasibility, we continue with listing the Covid requirements. Please feel free to check with us about your shoots in Israel.