Why Film in Israel? There are a few good reasons….

Why film in Israel? People often ask us: what makes Israel such an attractive country for film-makers? In short – location, location, location… and Jerusalem.

The land of unlimited locations

So why film in Israel? There are a few good reasons. Please see below…
It all happened here. From Abraham to King David to Jesus Christ and the Prophet Mohammad. The actual locations – in Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Galilee and elsewhere – are all available for filming. And with the guidance of local experienced producers – known here as “fixers”– we can provide our visiting customers with exclusive access and film permits for their desired locations.

Israel is quite friendly to visiting filmmakers. Although there is a lot of red tapes and some of the locations require planning in advance, mostly it is comfortable and accessible to visiting film, TV and video productions.


For a producer who wants to film in Israel, the natural landscape of Israel presents a vast variety of landscapes. Israel is small: it takes a relatively short drive between the winter snow-clad peaks of Mt. Hermon, to the Provence-like Galilee, the dry Jordan Valley… Moreover, the Mediterranean coastal area is accessible to filming on location almost year-long; from the unique vistas of the Judea Desert and the Dead Sea; to the Negev desert and the bay of Eilat (with one of the most beautiful diving spots). Israel offers a plethora of awe-inspiring locations. In addition, Israel boasts ultra-modern urban environments, such as the cosmopolitan Tel Aviv city center, and the Herzliya hi-tech center.

Professional crews and camera gear

The local TV and video industry in Israel is very experienced in international productions coming to the country. Some of the veteran Israeli film professionals have worked on many American feature film productions in the 1980s; therefore collaboration is their second-nature. We have all the latest models of cameras, lenses, grip equipment, and light packages as well. Productions can be developed from research and prep to post-production in the top of the line facilities. Consequently, the final product can be delivered in a variety of formats, depending on the clients’ needs. We can service every type of production: from documentaries and broadcast journalism to corporate video and reality TV.

Proximity and transportation

So why film in Israel? it is a small country. It takes one hour to cross it from the Mediterranean to the Jordan River, and six hours drive from the southernmost point of Eilat to the northernmost border with Lebanon. A good hotel is always less than an hour drive away; a well-planned production can save a fortune on logistics and transportation between locations and production centers.

Great Weather

The weather is excellent. We have winter in Israel, but it is easy and there are very few days with continuous rain. We film outdoors year-long.

If your production is considering filming in Israel and/or the Palestinian territories, give us a call! We’ll show you around.

Why film in Israel?