Whatever you need to film, we will shoot it for you...

Why would you need a local production partner in Israel? Well, before Corona, we had hundreds of producers, directors, cameramen and crew members coming to Israel for filming. However we all realize that reality has changed… People will not fly to locations, most likely until the end of 2021. 

We offer to do everything for you, exactly the way you want it. Our producers, directors and professional crews are the best in the country, and they all have rich experience in international productions: For instance – documentary, current affairs, corporate, news and commercial shoots.

We use BlackMagic Web Presenter and similar devices for allowing directors and producers to remotely execute their shoot. 

Our Services

We offer our customers to decide how involved they want to be. For instance, we can upload footage from the location for remote viewing; Obviously we can have you interview from afar, or listen to our producers doing the interview and then add your inputs. We can edit and share it instantly with anyone, and our fiber-optic connection allows for any remote collaboration.

Technology aside, we offer you to work with first-rate professionals. We are all fluent in English (and in many other languages) and have many years of experience working with the best, worldwide. 

Local production partner in Israel: Our Experience

Please look around this website to realize who we are and what we have done. We know that we are the best local production partner in Israel for any film, TV, video or photo production. 

Our work: 

International Showcase

American TV

Corporate Videos