Highlight Films is the leading company for TV and video production services in Israel.



Our History

Since 1998, Highlight Films is a one-stop-shop providing a virtually unmatched service throughout Israel, The Palestinian Authority areas and across the Middle East. Our customers include the leading international streamers, broadcasters and TV networks, as well as corporations and organizations from all over the world.

We work with the best industry professionals, and we offer a wide range of production services: from creative to camera crews, research, logistics, security, or anything else your production may need.

Our production workflow includes full services for visiting producers and crews, as well as remote production services for customers from all over the world: we provide our clients with live video and audio from virtually any location in Israel, as well as from all major cities in the Middle East. For visiting crews, we are always glad to help with any info they require about entering Israel and planning a film, TV or video shoot in the country.

Highlight Films is the largest and most experienced production services company in Israel, and we provide our production services packages all over the Middle East.


Our Clients


What We Do

We provide all production services for international TV and video productions taking place services in Israel:

documentary films, corporate videos, news reports, sports photo campaigns and commercial spots, all filmed in and around Israel.

Additionally, we have extensive experience in specialties such as: aerial filming, time lapse, VR 360, Imax and 3D.

We provide full production services in Israel, the Palestinian Authority and Jordan.

Our extensive 4K / HD stock footage library is available for secure, online licensing.


Highlight Films Israel Showreel

Highlight Films Israel Showreel

Israel stock footage trailer

Israel stock footage trailer

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