Every shoot is special. We know that, and we believe we have to excel in each and every film, video or TV production. We do have our share of successfully completed shoots of film and video productions in Israel… so with years of experience in any kind of international film and TV production in Israel and the West Bank, we’d love to share it with you.

Yes, some productions are more complicated and require specific expertise and working with the most experienced people and the best equipment. In addition to our production team, we know many experts we can consult before producing special film and video shoots in Israel.

Well, we don’t know everything… However, we did work on hundreds of formats, genres, specific production requirements and so forth. So, here are some of the ”special” things we already know how to do well:


In the last years we have successfully completed several international productions taking place in Gaza. We have professional teams based in and around Gaza, from both sides of the border. Our Gaza border media center, located on the Israeli side of the border, offers assistance with crossing the border from Israel to Gaza, and all required security solutions.

Our production team coordinates the border crossing through Erez Crossing - the only land gate from Israel to the Gaza Strip. We coordinate the shoot with all relevant authorities – the Israeli military, the Palestinian Authority and the local authorities in Gaza. We have established the Gaza border media center, right on the border from the Israeli side. The center provides all support needed for crews filming in the area.


In the last years we completed several hyperlaspe shoots inJerusalem ,tel aviv and the Dead Sea. Our camera of choice is Sony A7Rm4, capable fo filming RAW images of more than 60Mbs.


Our production team is responsible for dozens of film, TV and video productions in the Judea Desert, one of the most remarkable areas in the country. South and east of Jerusalem, the Judea Desert is known for its Biblical landscapes. It attracts documentary film crews, reality TV and video productions; film directors from around the world are looking for the unique, dramatic natural scenery. The desert was always almost impossible to live in, and it still is full of action… Many visitors are attracted to the rough terrain, steep cliffs with deep falls, centuries-old monasteries carved in the rock. To sum it up, this area has it all: a fascinating history, archaeology, wildlife, nature, environment. In the last years we worked on closing the gap in the lack of resources for professional video productions in the Judea Desert.


We have all the necessary personnel, gear and vehicles for video productions in the Judean Desert.

  • Experienced producers, who are certified in rappelling and abseiling, and know the various areas of the desert; our producers coordinate the shoot with the authorities in charge of film permits, safety and security.

  • Camera crews certified in abseiling down and climbing up with camera gear.

  • All professional rappelling and mountain climbing gear. That includes personal kits, tailor-made bags and cases.

  • Professional abseiling instructors experienced with working with camera crews.

  • Experienced drone crews.

  • 4*4 camera van and 4*4 logistics vehicles.

  • Medical, safety and security personnel.

  • In the summer months the temperature is very high, therefore we usually recommend avoiding July and August. In the winter there are very few rain days, but there is an imminent risk of sudden flash floods: these occur when massive quantities of water stream down the Judea and Jerusalem mountains and cause surprising floods in creeks and lower grounds. Such events were fatal in Israel; therefore we make sure to check with all professional sources regarding the risk of flash floods in the desert.


Highlight Films provides full solutions to 3D-4K video shoots in Israel and the West Bank. Please check out our work on the IMAX 3D production of JERUSALEM THE MOVIE. In addition to the production services we are providing to all our customers top of the line HD / 4K camera sets, stereoscopic 3D rigs and all necessary crew and equipment for 3D 4K video. 3D 4K filming in Israel is possible by either parallel rigs or by mirror-based rigs, such as the P+S Technic rigs. Our highest-quality 3D 8K solution is based on two RED cameras on a stereoscopic rig. We continue to master the newest and best ways to produce 3D 4k footage in the spectacular locations and scenery of Jerusalem and other parts of Israel. This is what we do, and there is more, much more. So, do you have new challenges for us? If so, we’d love to hear about them and offer our assistance.

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