Your production company in Israel: about Highlight Films


Highlight Films is a video, film and television production company in Israel, providing professional production services in Israel, Palestine and across the Middle East. It was established in 1998 by Noam Shalev, and we soon became Israel’s leading production services house. We specialize in documentarynewscorporate and reality TV productions. In addition, we produce many still photography campaigns and shoots in Israel and throughout the Middle East.
Above all, we pride ourselves on being a local production partner in Israel. We provide both creative, technical, logistical and managerial support to our customers. They include, for instance, hundreds of production companies, broadcasters, networks, corporations and organizations worldwide.
During the years we produced hundreds of international productions in a variety of fields and formats. With the Corona pandemic we developed our remote producing abilities, and now in 2023 we are ready for any production challenge, collaborating with customers who stay abroad, but can manage remotely any aspect of the shoot.


Since 1998, we provide fast, professional and virtually unrivalled service throughout Israel and the Palestinian territories. So whether it’s photography, filming, research, logistics, security or anything else your production might need, we’re here for you. Our researchers, producers and camera crews have years of experience in international productions, and we continue to improve our work flow. We know we are the best production services company in Israel, and we continue to get better. There is no other way.

In conclusion, we are proud to continue providing the highest level of services for the film, video and photo industries. And we’d love to be your production company in Israel and other. Countries in the Middle East.

Noam Shalev
  • Founder / Managing Director
  • Producer and director of award-winning
  • Documentary films and series.
  • Established the company in 1998.
Pablo Weschler
  • Marketing and Spanish content
Sarit Bino
  • Social media and web producer
Dr. Ram Sack
  • Medical consultant, Israel
Jonathan Zacharie
  • Company rep in Dubai, UAE
Nitzan Almog
  • Director of International Productions
Ofra Shalev
  • Office Manager / Production Coordinator
Hanna Abu Saada
  • Head of Production – Palestine

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