When we call Highlight Films a one stop shop, we mean it… Handling production logistics in Israel is crucial. Even the best camera crew won’t be able to film without adequate transportation to the location; not to mention the productivity of a visiting crew who booked the wrong hotel and haven’t slept the night before… We specialize in handling production logistics in Israel for our international customers.

We see our job as covering all the bases between our customers’ arrival to Israel and their departure. Logistics, we found out, is as important as any other production element. During the years we have chosen our suppliers carefully. We work with local companies and individuals who provide excellent services, can be trusted and have never let us down.

Please read about transportation in Israel and anything that has to with production security. Here are a few more issues of production logistics in Israel you may want to read about before coming to produce your project in Israel:


There are many hotel options to choose from all over Israel and Palestine. During the years we found several hotels that provide the best accommodation for our customers. They may not be the best hotels in Israel, certainly not the most expensive ones; however they are the best for our customers. These hotels have good security, so our guests won’t fear for their personal security or the safety of their belongings. Location is important – no one wants to begin the first day in a delay because of traffic jams that could have been avoided….
In several hotels in Israel we get special corporate rates, which are usually lower than the best online rates. We always offer our customers these special rates, which are usually accompanied by free upgrades and other perks.


Entering the country is an important part of the production logistics in Israel. It can go very smoothly, or become a nightmare… We have production crews coming in to Israel on a regular basis, and we know what to do in order to avoid any obstacle that may delay the entry to Israel. We always brief our customers before coming to to Israel regarding their passports, visas (if necessary) and what is the best way to go through Immigration and Customs without delays. In some cases we will offer the use of an airport VIP service to ease the entry process.


A production insurance is necessary when producing in a foreign country, however the production insurance is not always sufficient. Many Israeli authorities require an Israeli production policy in effect in order to issue location filming permits. Such a policy has to cover any third party damage to visitors and to the facilities we film in.
We have such a production insurance policy in effect, and we use it to secure locations and to insure our crew – both employees and freelancers working with us. We can add policy coverages if needed.
All our drone operators carry valid licenses by the state’s aviation authority, and they all operate with an insurance policy in effect for any case of third party damage by drones.


We are working with Fedex and UPS for shipping disks and small packages overseas. In addition, several forwarding companies in Israel specialize in shipping camera and film equipment internationally, and can provide a complete solution to bringing in gear or shipping out data / reels.
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