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Security is always a prominent factor when planning a production in Israel. Sadly, not only is the land known for its beauty, but also its conflicts. When entering an area of higher instability, there is always a risk of falling victim to extremism. We provide security services for journalists and TV crews in Israel, the West Bank and Gaza. To ensure the safety of our clients, our security team always maintains a high level of vigilance, and provides direction in a calm, tactful manner.


Security gear for journalists in Israel

In times of unrest, reporters are often in direct contact with acts of violence. Israel and the West Bank have seen many cases of journalists shot at, stoned or gassed. We see providing personal security gear in Israel for journalists as an integral part of news production. Having a bullet proof vest and a reliable helmet is the least one could do to ensure a safe return home… Highlight Films offers security and safety solutions for camera crews, reporters and journalists arriving to Israel, the West Bank and Gaza. We have years of experience in providing security and protective gear for news, current affairs and documentary production teams. More than a few journalists can share stories of how a bullet proof vest and helmet saved their lives…

The personal protective gear we use: PRESS tagged bullet proof vests, helmets and gas masks. We use only new models, following international standards. We recommend to use Level 3A bullet proof vests with Level 3 front and back plates, as well as Level IIIA helmets in “hot” areas. All our vests are one-size, and can be adjusted for any user. Gas masks are more specifically used by journalists covering demonstrations and clashes in the West Bank, and during confrontation with the IDF in Gaza. Often, these result in the use of tear gas by the Israeli security forces. Gas masks are supplied with fresh, unopened filters. We offer the use of armoured vehicles in Israel and the West Bank: buses, vans and 4*4 vehicles. The driving of armoured vehicles takes a lot of experience, so we provide the vehicles with professional drivers. Personal kits are available in our Tel Aviv office, after booking in advance.

production security in ISrael: bodyguards

When filming with high profile talents, actors, or presenters, we may suggest using our personal bodyguards. In these cases, the bodyguard’s sole responsibility is that of the assigned individual’s safety and security. Additionally, we often provide detailed information on our entry and exit plans.

Production Security in Israel: Barriers

On larger productions which require physical protection of sets or locations, we have access to the most advanced means available in Israel. Among these means are the RAEM barriers – a groundbreaking technology made in Israel. The RAEM barriers are easy to carry and install. They can complete a full physical security package protecting crew ands cast.

Production Security in IsraeL: Book in advance

When violence erupts, everyone seeks protection… We can accommodate for the needs of several crews at the same time, but even we have limited quantities. So if you plan to shoot or broadcast from a conflict hot spot in Israel or Palestine, please make sure you book your personal security gear in Israel.

New Gaza Border Media Centre

On March 1, 2020, we have established our Israel Southern Border Media Centre. Located in Kibbutz Nir-Am, on the Israel-Gaza border, this front line media centre provides all production services for news and documentary productions in the area.

In the past years we have provided many international productions with security of all levels. As a diversified company, we use both Israeli and Palestinian security personnel; this of course, being based on our customers’ needs, and the security conditions of the area. We also offer highly experienced, armed and unarmed security personnel; and personal protective gear for journalists and TV crews visiting Israel, the West Bank and Gaza: bullet proof flak jackets (vests), helmets and gas masks -all in the highest professional standards.

Operating in conflict areas

We keep direct communication with the police authority in every area. At all times our office coordinators monitor multiple alerts systems. This way, we can notify a client on developing security conditions in an instant. At times we may advise our fixer on location to change a planned route or to avoid a location altogether. Every few years Israel is involved in a military conflict with one of its neighbouring countries. We believe that in the end no footage is worth someone’s life. Our war-savvy fixers will advise if you should take shelter or leave an area.

Production Security in israel: Solutions

HGS delivers carefully planned static and dynamic security solutions, with the ability to adapt to rapid changes in location, timetable and conditions. We consider ourselves a high end, customer service focused, security company. We are based in Tel Aviv and operate in Israel, the West Bank (Including the Palestinian Authority areas) and Gaza.


Our specialties include:

  • Executive Security Services, highly trained plain-clothes security staff providing discreet protection for journalists and TV crews in Israel and Gaza.
  • Armed and unarmed security personnel – all veterans of Israel’s elite units.
  • Security consulting: vulnerability and threat assessments /Risk Analysis.
  • On location security of gear, trucks and personnel, stages, locations, transportation, equipment, set pre-rigs, base camps, etc.
  • Airport / checkpoints, border crossing protocols and advance coordination.
  • Online security updates: due to the dynamics of security events in Israel, our Tel Aviv HQ personnel are connected online to all our security agents in the field. HQ advises the agents re developing threats, nearby security events or any change in local security conditions.
  • Professional crowd control.

Production Security in Israel: OUR EXPERIENCE

We have years of experience in securing film productions, artists’ visits and international delegations going in and out of the West Bank and Gaza Strip. However, due to the discrete nature of these operations, we can not disclose any further details on our site. Information on references, background details, or other inquiries may be disclosed upon direct contact with a prospective client.

In the last years there is a rise in the number of journalists attacked and injured during their work in Israel, the West Bank and Gaza. We aim to provide maximum security for our customers, with minimum interference to their main task – reporting. Our team includes Israelis and Palestinians, all experts in their field, and all experienced with our main focus: providing security services for journalists, reporters and TV crews in Palestine West Bank | Gaza


We are working on a regular basis with private security consultants, security advisers and coordinators from all over the world, who coordinate with us all matters of the customers’ personal and production security in Israel.

Some of our recent security operations in Palestinian Authority and Gaza Security services for journalists, reporters and TV crews in Palestine West Bank | Gaza:

  • National Geographic Explorer shoot in Gaza and southern Israel.
  • Ai WeiWei – in the West Bank and Gaza for an international documentary film.
  • ZDF – special Christmas Concert in the Church of Nativity, Bethlehem.
  • EU relief delegation to Gaza.
  • Delegations and organized groups visiting the West Bank.
  • TV productions taking place in the West Bank for Netflix, History channel National Geographic, C4 UK and Discovery.
  • Securing a European film crew producing a TV film about the aftermath of the last Gaza War.
  • Providing security services and protective gear for freelance and network journalists going to Gaza.
  • Securing more than 150 productions taking place in East Jerusalem and the Old City.

If you want to know more about our services of production security in Israel, the West Bank and Gaza? Please contact us.

*Due to the discrete nature of the business, we cannot display the resumes of our experts, nor can we provide references on our web page.