A Local Partner for Film Production in Israel

Our experience in film production in Israel includes a large variety of cinematic projects. Highlight Films have been providing production services to American and European feature films productions, produced in Israel and Palestine since 2002.
In some film projects, only a few scenes are filmed in Israel. We often film plates for completion of studio filming abroad.All film productions are managed by our Israeli and Palestinian teams, in collaboration with the visiting staff.


We work with the best film industry professionals and suppliers in Israel. Furthermore, our production team is experienced in preparing and managing complicated sets. Professional feature film equipment is largely available in Israel. In addition, all professional support and logistics services are available as well. Please note that we no longer use film, since there are no more professional film processing labs in Israel. Nevertheless, in art video and IMAX shoots we courier daily reels to Europe or the US for processing. Due to the travel time, set clearance may be a bit Challenging.


We produce feature documentaries and cinematic presentations for special screenings:

Among the feature films we provided services for:

Among the feature films we provided services for:

Among the feature films we provided services for:

Persona Non Grata: Directed by Oliver Stone, and filmed in Israel and the West Bank. Filming took place at the height of the suicide bombing in Israel in March 2002 and Operation Defensive Shield in April April 2002.

Mary: With Juliette Binoche. Director: Abel Ferrara. Filmed in the Old City of Jerusalem.

La Strada di Paolo: Directed by Salvatore Nocita. Filmed in Jerusalem, the Dead Sea and Sea of Galilee.

Dovid Meyer - an independent American film. Sets in Jerusalem and other areas in Israel.

The filming of Jerusalem 3D IMAX in Jerusalem and vicinity.

The All Inclusive Land - a presentation feature for a new visitor center in Israel.

Please contact us when you begin planning your shoot in Israel. We’d be glad to help!

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