Highlight Films produces a wide range of corporate videos and commercial spots in Israel. We provide all services related to corporate video production in Israel. Our experience includes producing videos for hi-tech, startup and many international corporations and organizations.

Such productions vary from a straightforward corporate video to web videos, testimonials and many other video formats and tools. You can see samples of corporate videos we have recently produced here.

We aim to help our corporate customers in communicating more effectively with their clients, investors, suppliers, employees and business environment. Therefore, the services we provide include both creative and technical, by the best professionals in Israel. Our team can handle any production challenge, anywhere in Israel…

We provide video services per target and per demand. These include training videos to B2B or B2C, marketing videos to CEO, video newsletter and so forth.

Hi-Tech companies in Israel

Israel is a startup hub for many hi-tech companies. In addition to many Israeli hi-tech companies, there are many international corporations that chose to have their development centers based in Israel.

Among them Microsoft, Samsung, Intel and others. We often film with these companies, usually based in central Israel.

Corporate video production in Israel

Highlight Films works with many international corporations looking for corporate video production in Israel. Such corporations are usually interested in filming their branches, clients or suppliers in Israel. We work with companies in a variety of fields, including the leading international medical and pharmaceutical companies.
As such, In the last years we have completed hundreds
of medical videos for local and international customers.
Among our customersMicrosoft, Intel, HP, Amazon AWS, Verizon, Intel, Alstom, GE, Philip Morris, AT&T…


Tools and Formats

    • Web Video – Our creative team offers an outstanding service from concept to delivery in all formats. From HD presentations, through footage of special projects and operations to investors to social media videos.
    • Marketing Video – anything from hard sale videos to feel-good clips. In short, anything to help you market and sell your products and services.
    • Public Information Videos – for local authorities, government and large corporate customers, relating to huge markets. There is no better way to send out your message than a video clip.
    • Investor relations Video (IR) – Your investors want to see and hear. They are no longer satisfied with spreadsheets and financial data.
    • Streaming video to customer’s website.
    • Webinars: we produced several international webinars from Israel
    • Time Lapse Videos – the time lapse video is always impressive. Squeezing hours, days and years into seconds an tell a whole story in seconds, and leave a strong visual impression on the viewer.
    • PR video – in many cases it works much better than a textual press release.
    • Testimonial video – Would you like to show your potential customer what your current customers think about you?
    • Recruitment Video – often it is not enough to write about the employee you are looking to hire. Sometimes it is better to show what you mean in a short, focused video.
    • Video for schools & colleges.

The production services we provide for corporations and organizations are always kept in total confidence. So, if you are interested in hi-tech, startup or corporate video production in Israel, please contact us!