Need to book a camera crew in Israel? Highlight Films offers the booking of fully equipped camera crews throughout Israel and the West Bank. Our camera crews specialize in either news shooting, corporate or commercial video. Other crews focus on documentary filming, as well as longer current affairs and features. Moreover, we are on good working terms with all other specialist cameramen, DOP’s and other film and video industry professionals in Israel.
When you book a camera crew in Israel with us, know that we have the latest camera sets, by Canon, Sony, Red, Arri and Panasonic. We can shoot in 8K, 6K, 4K and HD, and all our camera crews are very experienced and speak English. So when you book a camera set and camera crew in Israel, we assure you working with a local partner who guarantees work according to the highest professional standards.
We have camera crews in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem on a daily basis but it’s always best to book in advance. The Highlight Films Tel Aviv office handles all crew bookings. We always prefer advance booking, especially when further coordination or non-standard equipment are required. In most cases we can provide camera crews in a short notice, but when highly-covered news events are happening, we are usually swamped with requests…Lights, grip and accessories are always available.

Book a Camera Crew in Israel: Soundmen

Highlight Films employs several documentary / news / corporate sound persons, all experienced with international productions and speak English. Our standard audio pack includes a mixer, external audio mixer + recorder, 2 radio mics, boom+ 416 mic, cables and connectors.

Upload, uplink and live transmission

We provide all footage / report upload options:

  • Fast fiber optic connection in our Tel Aviv office, @70 Gbs/Hour.

  • Use of Live-U kits in any point in Israel and the West Bank.

  • Coordination of SNG units to location for live reports via satellite.


When you book a camera crew in Israel with us, we can offer you some excellent assistant cameramen. Our ACs can provide great help to the visiting director of photography / camera operator. We book assistant cameramen (First AC, Second AC, Focus puller, DIT / Media wrangler) upon request, and we define their role on the set in coordination with the director of photography: they all worked before as media wranglers and they can complete the entire DIT process on set.

Camera Crews and DOPs in The West Bank and in Gaza – Palestine

Highlight Films operates in all areas of the West Bank, including in area A – controlled by the Palestinian Authority, and in Gaza, controlled by Hamas.
In Palestine we have professional Palestinian camera crews and production teams based in Ramallah and Bethlehem. All our crews are very experienced in handling international productions.
Our Israeli and Palestinian teams work together. We always provide a seamless solution for producing in Israel and Palestine.

In order to book a camera crew in Israel or Palestine, please let us know:

  • What do you want to film?

  • When?

  • Where?

  • Will you have a producer on location or do you want us to coordinate the shoot?

  • What are your contact details?

  • Any other comments about the requested camera crew. Email us, and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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