We have been using remote production services since 2019, but the Covid pandemic presented new challenges, and we used that opportunity to enhance our remote production abilities. Since mid-2020, we provide remote production services from any point in Israel, and from most central locations in the Middle East.
In 2020-2023 we have completed hundreds of remote productions: from one-on-one interviews, to complicated sets of webinars, US court depositions and professional conferences.


Remote Production Services are the use of advanced technology and communication infrastructure to produce media content remotely, without the need for all team members to be physically present on location. This includes live events, such as concerts, online conferences, sporting events and news, as well as recording footage to be edited later.
Remote production services use specialized equipment, such as cameras, microphones and video switchers, as well as high-speed internet connections and video conferencing software and hardware to facilitate real time sharing of video materials and communication between team members. With these tools, it is possible for producers, directors, camera operators, audio technicians, and other professionals to work together to create high-quality media content, even if they are located in different parts of the world.


All our remote kits are based on interconnectivity of all film and broadcast elements. Our switchers and adapters are made by BlackMagic, and we can stream live high-resolution footage (both video and audio) to ZoomMicrosoft TeamsGoogle Meet or any other platform at a high bitrate. We use independent feeds to talk with our remote clients and get their input.
If you need remote production services in Israel, please feel free to contact us.

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