Here at Highlight Films, we’re no stranger to working with VIPs. We’ve been providing top-notch concierge services to our clients for over two decades. With that in mind, you can let us handle your logistical needs when it comes to concierge services in Israel.

We have begun providing Concierge services in Israel almost 20 years ago, with the arrival of film stars, internationally renowned directors and TV executives to take part in our productions. Some of the projects we produced took place in security-sensitive locations, and we specialized in providing first class service while not compromising on the customers’ security.
In 2009, we have expanded our services to the Palestinian Authority areas in the West Bank, for internationally famous musicians, filmmakers and artists coming to work with us in Israel and Palestine.
Obviously, we can’t name names, but we can definitely state that we can provide the best professional services, discretely and securely.


  • Coordination of VIP airport logistics

  • Provide any & every form of transportation, such as limos, vans, cars, helicopters.

  • Reservations at: the best restaurants, shows, clubs, museums or any other activity in mind.

  • Professional security services in Israel and Palestine.

  • Media control: you don’t have to be in the news if you don’t want to…

  • Happily fulfil any emergency or last minute requests.

  • Ongoing 24/7 support.

Questions? We’d be glad to answer…

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