Our Production Manager in Israel supervises the physical aspects of the production, including personnel, technology, budget, and scheduling. There are several excellent film production managers in Israel, all very experienced in international film productions.

Many of our productions involve managing large sets and big crews, both local and visiting. In feature films and drama productions, the local production manager reports to the visiting UPM or line producer. Many of our productions take place in both Israel and the West Bank. In such cases we appoint two production managers, who obviously have responsibilities and coordinate all work.


  • Making sure the filming stays on schedule and within its budget.

  • Helping the line producer to manage the day-to-day budget. That includes managing the operating costs, such as salaries, location costs (with the location manager), production and equipment costs.


The production manager works under the supervision of a Line Producer and directly supervises the production coordinator. If there is no local line producer, the production manager reports directly to the visiting Line producer or UPM.
Several of our expert fixers have extensive experience in planning and managing film productions in Israel, as well as large documentary and drama productions. When it comes to production managers in Israel and Palestine, we always try to tailor the crew management structure to each production to assure efficient solutions.
Highlight Films line producers include Noam Shalev and others.

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