Need a line producer in Israel? Producing a TV show, feature film, TV drama or a documentary films in the Middle East is challenging. Israel offers great locations and experienced production personnel and crew. However, things run differently here. You would need the best line producer in Israel at your side.

A local line producer is the key manager of a motion picture production or a feature documentary.
The Line Producer supervises the budget preparation, as well as the planning and running of the production. Highlight Films offers line producer services to producers and production companies worldwide. The line producer oversees the budgetary and physical production needs of the shoot. So by the first day of production, a locked budget is a must. The line producer will respect this “locked” budget and to deliver in time.

Line producers usually join the production team during the later stages of development. They assess the ‘below the line’ cost of the production. This process involves breaking down the screenplay into a schedule. From this schedule, the line producer can accurately estimate the cost of each day’s shooting. Once the schedule is finished, the line producer can prepare a provisional production budget.


The Highlight Films line producers are in charge of all the business aspects of the film in Israel. Therefore, it is safe to say that hiring the right line producer in Israel ensures your shoot runs efficiently.
No less important is keeping the budget under control. In most cases, the line producer is assisted by the production manager and location manager .


Budget – Creating and managing the local spend: local crew and cast, location clearance, equipment, development costs, set design, transport, security etc. For that, our line producers use the same tools used in the US or Europe: We plan the budget on a Movie Magic or Excel spreadsheets. The line producer also oversees the execution of many decisions related to the delivery of each day’s shoot. Among his/her duties: negotiating crew rates (both union and non-union), overseeing the budget and resolving daily production issues.
Scheduling – Planning an efficient schedule, taking into account both schedule issues and cost effectiveness.
Location scouts: scouts without client, and later creative and technical scout / recce with clients.


Permits for all film locations, and direct responsibility for the location manager.
Handling the logistics of international crew arrival. Among them airport arrival process, transport, accommodation, release of gear from Customs.
Assistance to international cast arriving to Israel, including providing local assistants to cater for all the cast members’ needs.
Local crew hire: including production manager, location manager and other key persons.
Local equipment hire and technical assistance – we have very experienced film support professionals in Israel and all film / 4K equipment .
Casting services – arranging for auditions of actors, bits, extras, and hiring local casting directors.
Consulting on script and locations.
Local advisers – we work with many experts who can provide professional advise on technical, creative, factual, security and other issues. Among them: dialogue coaches, historical facts checkers, historical advisers etc.
Local funding (if available) – Additional funding for the film is sometimes available in Israel.
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