The Highlight Films location managers can get any film permit in Israel and the West bank. We know how to obtain filming permits and any required production and location services for your next shoot in Israel.



A proper film permits for video or photo shoots is a must in many locations. for example, we may want to film in a public or private area, a religious site, a school or a building site. In most cases, camera crews can’t film in such places without the right film permit in Israel. For reports, news and documentary shoots, the authorities often issue the film permit for free, but we have to work on it in advance. That includes contacting the relevant authorities and coordinating with them, sometimes before we embark on the location scout (recce).

Getting film permits for film and video productions may be more complicated if filming includes interruption to traffic. Our location manager will always know in advance what are the requirements and specifications of the required film permit. In most cases the municipality will issue the permit; in other cases the relevant public or government authority in Israel will issue the permit. We prefer to begin the process as early as possible, and if possible, to have all locations permitted and cleared at least one week before the planned shoot.

Both Tel Aviv and Jerusalem productions will be granted municipal film permits that allow access to all public areas.
Please check our military productions page for info about filming with the IDF in Israel.


Aerial shoots in Israel require a pre-approved aerial film permit, which we can get. You may want to read more about aerial filming in Israel by helicopters and drones.
We will advise you about best ways to film at your desired locations in Israel or Palestine. For that, we will let you know which locations require the arrangement of a film permit and which are accessible to all.
We have several experienced production coordinators, or fixers, who will make your production as efficient and trouble-free as possible.
TV drama and film sets are obviously require more prep time than documentary film sets, however we know how the process works… In the last years, we have obtained filming permits for many TV drama productions and film productions in Israel.

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