Highlight Films is Israel's leading medical video production house


The Highlight Films team has extensive experience in producing medical videos for the needs of the medical community. Our customers include: hospitals, medical manufacturers and distributors, physicians, private clinics, treatment centers, medical teaching facilities, universities and medical research labs. The videos we produce are in English, Hebrew, ArabicSpanishRussian and Chinese. Their purposes vary: from patient training and education videos, to presentations to the board and investors, as well as marketing and PR. We have the experience, professional production teams, camera crews and editing suites to produce your medical video in Israel. We can shoot and upload footage to be edited abroad, Or we can edit the video in Israel, while collaborating with the customer’s in-house or local video team. In 2020-2021 we produced medical webinars, video features on new treatments, sales and product video for medical and pharma manufacturers and distributors, as well as a full medical series about aesthetic surgery. 

Medical Webinars in Israel

SInce 2019 and during the year of working under COVID, we have produced several international webinars on a variety of medical topics: new treatments and procedures, innovative approaches to traditional operations, medical devices, and more. We have both the experience and the ability to produce high level international webinars, with no limitations on the locations, the number of participants and utilizing any communications technologies in the the webinar. 

Our medical production team is ready to handle any webinar, presentation or online event!

Filming, editing and producing medical videos and presentations in Israel

Our producers and camera crews have created health and medical videos for many medical organizations and companies. We do it primarily to educate patients, doctors and other medical staff about procedures and products; streamline treatment & recovery; and lastly, improve satisfaction with the results. So check out our gallery of Medical videos in Israel – these are a few samples of what we do.

The latest innovation in the production of medical videos is the availability of VR 360 production tools. This latest technology enables us to produce high quality, fully 360-degrees coverage of a  space: an operation, a clinic, physician’s office or any other space. Read more about 360 medical video production.

Medical video is an effective and engaging way to educate patients. For that we provide the medical facility with video and animation tools, as well as the best ways to promote the facility, sell services, train staff, improve website, inform and educate the patients.

We provide professional business video services to assist with medical public relations and training, as well as internal communications and live / taped online broadcasting. Our mission is to provide effective and superior quality medical video which is right on spot.

So when it comes to medical video production in Israel, just give us a shout!